On Pacquiao & LGBT rights

Harry on LGBT


One comment on “On Pacquiao & LGBT rights

  1. Rep. Pacquiao is 100% right! Marriage is only for man and woman with sole purpose of replenishing the earth! This is in the bible where “CAESAR ” adopted from! That is why the Man is called the Husband and the woman is called Wife!
    Congress needs to pass a law called PARTNERS FOR LIFE LAW! This law will allow a MAN & a MAN, a WOMAN and A WOMAN to be partners for life!
    One partner can be called PART and the other NER! This way the LGTB CAN LEGALLY UNITE AS PARTNERS FOR LIFE! I don’t care what they do in their private lives! With this PARTNERS FOR LIFE LAW, they won’t be discriminated against and these people WILL NOT IMPOSE THEIR BELIEF ON THE MAJORITY!

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