Roque hits use of 4 P’s for Liberal electioneering

Former UP Law Professor, First nominee of KABAYAN party list, today condemned the Liberal Party’s use of the 4 P’s in support of the candidacy of LP’s standard bearer.

“I have evidence that the Liberal Party in Cagayan province has been using the 4 P’s for partisan putposes. The modus is the local DILG’s Community Convenors, together with the DSWD’s Comunity link will summon the family leaders of the 4 P’s recipients to meet with the local LP candidates.  They are then made to sign an application form for a Pro Mar-Leni parallel organization created exclusively for 4 P’s recipients.  Those who refuse to sign are threatened that they will be removed from the 4P’s program. They are also spreading the misinformation that VP Jejomar Binay will abolish the 4P’s program”.

Binay has consistently denied that he will abolish the 4P’s first implemented by former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. He has instead promised to expand and further rationalize the program.

Roque warned The Liberal Party that this scheme is both an election offense and a violation of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act.

Section 261(o) of Omnibus Election Code prohibits the use of public funds, for an election campaign.


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