Pangasinan and Zambales fisher folks files suit vs China at the UN

Media release
References: Atty. Harry L. Roque, Jr. 09175398096 and Atty. Gilbert T. Andres 09228952111

Click here for a copy of the URGENT APPEAL OF FILIPINO FISHER FOLKS AGAINST CHINA.doc filed today at the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). This concerns the Filipino fisher folks of Infanta, Pangasinan, and of Sta. Cruz, Zambales.

Please contact the reference persons above for inquiries or clarifications.


One comment on “Pangasinan and Zambales fisher folks files suit vs China at the UN

  1. Dina V De Leon says:

    China is financially powerful to sway the member nations of the UN Commission decide in her favor or to not pay attention to the complaints of the fishermen or it will even take years or a lifetime for the UN member nations to take action. Granted that the decision is in favor of the fishermen, who will enforce the decision? All China will do is surround the islands with 1 million of its soldiers! Remember there are more than a BILLION CHINESE! The PH will ran out of resources to kill the 1 million soldiers! Don’t depend so much on US aid! USA WILL ONLY HELP IF IT’S ACTION HELPS ITS NATIONAL INTEREST ESPECIALLY IN BUSINESS! REMEMBER The USA OWES CHINA 15 TRILLION DOLLARS! PH MUST FACE REALITY! The best approach to fight the Chinese is through its ECONOMY WHICH IS FRAGILE RIGHT NOW! BOYCOTT CHINESE PRODUCTS! The only way to fight back! Don’t waste Filipino Soldiers’ lives! Rally all the 100 million FILIPINOS NOT TO BUY A ONE PESO CHINESE PRODUCT! THAT MEANS A LOSS OF 100 MILLION PESOS A MONTH ON THE CHINESE ECONOMY! It may only be a drop from the bucket but if it is done consistently for years CHINESE ECONOMY WILL COLLAPSE! Especially if PH can convince JAPAN, TAIWAN, MALAYSIA, VIETNAM, INDONESIA, BRUNIE and other countries who also have TERRITORIAL CONFLICT WITH CHINA TO JOIN THE BOYCOTT! BOYCOTT CHINESE PRODUCTS! IT IS THE ONLY EFFECTIVE STRATEGY TO FIGHT BACK AGAINST CHINA! GOD BLESS! Diosdado S. de Leon American Filipino Teacher (LAUSD) for the Last 53 Years

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