Please click here for a copy of the omnibus order

Lawyer Harry Roque, Jr. called on Bureau of Customs Commissioner Alberto Lina to resign from his post, calling him hollow block faced. “Commissioner Lina should resign immediately. He has been rebuff by both the Executive and Judicial Departments, unless he is hollow block faced in his lack of self respect.”

A day after President Ninoy Aquino reversed   his order to open and tax balikbayan boxes, Customs Commissioner Alberto Lina suffered a   second rebuff when the Regional Trial Court of Manila reversed his decision to cancel a P650 million bidding contract aimed at curbing corruption and smuggling activities at the Bureau of Customs.

The contract cancelled by Lina   is   alleged to be the long sought-after solution to rampant smuggling in the Philippines. It aims to implement a fully electronic, paperless and human contact-free system of recording and monitoring   of   Bureau of Customs transactions. At the same time, the project will link the Philippines with   the other ASEAN countries customs systems in time for the implementation of the ASEAN   free trade in December 2015

In its Order dated August 24, 2015,   the Regional Trial Court ordered Lina to stop the cancellation of the project and   was directed to continue with the signing of the contract and to issue the winning bidder a notice to proceed with the implementation of the project.

In its August 24, 2015 Omnibus Order, the Court enjoined Commissioner Lina and his co-respondents from implementing both the 6 May 2015 Letter of Lina aborting the competitive bidding of the PNSW 2 Project and the 7 May 2015 Cancellation Notice of Jose Tomas Syquia in the meantime that the case is heard upon its merit.


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