Malacanang is Kabado sa Paliwanag on The Hague junket

Media release
For reference: Atty. Harry L. Roque, Jr.   09175398096


What we want to know is how much the Palace is spending on a delegation of 35 people at the Hague in the Netherlands to the oral arguments in the Philippine arbitral case against China over the West Philippine Sea.


Calling me KSP or Kulang sa Pansin simply avoids the issue altogether.  Press Secretary Edwin Lacierda’s  response shows the Palace is Kabado sa Paliwanag because they really cannot justify this big junket when only two in the government will actually argue before the Tribunal.


I’m sure the money being spent on the Philippine delegation for at least a week will go a long way in helping fisherfolks from Zambales displaced by the Chinese takeover of the Panatag shoal.


Has the government even thought of assisting the thousands of fisherfolks who are now without any steady and adequate source of livelihood because of its inept handling of the Panatag shoal stand-off?


It is sad that they had been so consumed by junket fever that they couldn’t think of anything else.


Until now, Malacanang has not provided any steady and adequate livelihood assistance to the families of the displaced fisher folks.


4 comments on “Malacanang is Kabado sa Paliwanag on The Hague junket

  1. Sumusuporta ang Pambansang Lakas ng Kilusang Mamamalakaya ng Pilipinas (PAMALAKAYA-Pilipinas) sa pahayag ni Atty. Harry Roque kaugnay sa mga delegado na dumalo sa The Hague, the Netherlands.

    Imbes na gastusan ang ilang delegado na hindi naman mga international experts tulad nina Valte, De Lima at Bautista, ay bakit hindi bigyang pansin ang mga mangingisda sa Bajo de Masinloc na biktima ng panghaharas ng mga Chinese Coast Guards at hanggang ngayon ay hindi na makabalik sa pangingisda dahil sa takot.

  2. Jess says:

    Agree, only 3-5 members should be in the delegation. The rest are excess baggage. Sayang gastos ng government for a big delegation.

  3. Onin Neri says:

    Hi Sir, good day! I just want to share about this essay and what do you think of it. Thanks 🙂


    The Republic of the Philippines is a government system installed by the corporate U.S.A. and was only exercising jurisdiction over our sovereign land. Now gone after the 10 year final transition period since 2004, the territorial agreement had completely expired last 2014. The Republic of the Philippines lost its rights and is now on a state of anarchy and must ratify our constitution and must return all the rights to sovereignty according to the Treaty of Paris (Article1 Section1. 1935 Constitution).

    Our real sovereignty is virtually kept intact in the Treaty of Paris original set of documents where it states that it must establish a sovereign nation to be the recipient host government after the constitutional ratification from the previous government who exercised jurisdiction in our country.

    That’s the real reason why the RP can’t reclaim the Spratlys, Sabah and all the disputed lands because it does not hold the land rights, as the land rights only belong to the Treaty of Paris in which the new sovereign nation is holding. And that is why BBL is very unconstitutional because it has to request autonomy from the sovereignty after ratification and not from the expired government.

    So if we truly want to restore our being a Filipino citizen, we should claim and stand for our sovereign rights. We must be resilient and become a sovereign Filipino once again.

    Right now there are 2 nations existing in our country today, one is the expired Republic of the Philippines and the other one is the legitimate Kingdom Filipina Hacienda, an Autocratic Sovereign Monarchy, self-empowered with Divine Providence by the Treaty of Paris, Philippine Constitution and the IPRA Law. The name KFH is derived from the Treaty of Paris Original Certificate of Title 01-04 which at the same time empowers the primacy of the native rights of the indigenous people – the IPRA Law or the R.A. 8371.

    Republic of the Philippines under the proceeding Judgment Entry of the “Separate” Decision with Compromise Agreement to continue its administration is declared Null and Void Forever. Now it’s in the hands of Kingdom Filipina Hacienda – Holder of the successor-in-interest of the Fee Simple Title of the Original Certificate of Title No. 01-4 of the Torrens System decided case in 1764. Kingdom Filipina Hacienda is the Transition Host Government. Mother Province of Article XVIII Section 9. Transitory Provisions of the 1987 Constitution.

    The RP government officials must review this position, must align with the rule of law and must stand for the rights of our people and not for the corporate government system which is not even a person in itself.

    We can no longer tolerate too much ignoring, abuse, exploitation and corruption in front of us. We have to stand on our ground. We own our land, we the sovereign Filipino people and the Maharlikhans, especially to the people of Iligan City and Region 10, since we belong to the Capital City and Mother Province of the new sovereign nation, according to the Treaty of Paris.

    Once the RP respects the rule of law and ratify our constitution, and relinquish its rights to the sovereignty, the Queen will then appoint a worthy Prime Minister, and we all help rebuild our nation as we automatically become the richest nation as we can activate the sovereign wealth allocated to the host government secretly locked in all the central banks and local banks in the world, with infinite amount of value plus annual interests, backed by our vast amount of precious metals collected from our rich natural resources since time immemorial.

    Thanks for reviewing carefully!

    Support our new Sovereign Nation!

    PH Constitution Article 1 Section 1 – National Territory – Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris of 1764
    (The 1898 Ratification & others seen in other albums)

    Infinite Bank Statement (Allocated for the Filipino People / can only be activated by 3 parties, Host Government, PH/US Govt. and ASM as seen on Pages 4, and on the last 3pages.)

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