Kin of Laude opposes Pemberton’s petition for review

Reference: Atty Harry Roque 09175398096

The family of murdered Jennifer Laude today filed a 34-page opposition to Pemberton’s petition for review with the Department of Justice. According to Marilou Laude, sister of Jennifer, Pemberton’s petition is bereft of merit. Pemberton decried and alleged violation of due process when the panel of prosecutors decided that there exists probable cause on the basis, among others, a report made by the NCIS. “We should be one aggrieved by the NCIS report because until today Olongapo City Prosecutor Emily Delos Santos has refused to give us a copy of the same. Pemberton was given a copy of the report. What is he complaining about now?” Laude asked.

Furthermore, Laude emphasized that Pemberton waived his right to rebut any and all evidence when he opted not to submit his counter affidavit. “Pemberton forfeited his right to be heard, he did so voluntarily with assistance of counsel. He cannot now complain that his right to due process is violated,” added Prof Harry Roque, one of the private prosecutors representing the Laude family.

Bertha fellow Charlaine Latorre further added that charge of murder was proper given that the many bruises sustained by Jennifer are all evidence of treachery and cruelty.

Zharmai Garcia, also a Bertha fellow, observed that there is abuse of superior strength because Pemberton underwent combat training and qualified as private first class in the U.S. Marine. The Laude camp also announced that they will file motion for reconsideration of the orders of the RTC suspending the proceedings, and denying their motion to transfer Pemberton to another jail and for media coverage.

Click here for a copy of the comment/opposition filed today.


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