Psoriasis victory versus Cebu Pacific

Congrats to Rev. Magnolia Mendoza and others with psoriasis! RTC Pasay ruled Cebu Pac to pay her 2 million plus in damages for breach of contract!

Please click here for a copy of the decision : Rev. Magnolia Mendoza vs. Cebu Pacific Inc.


One comment on “Psoriasis victory versus Cebu Pacific

  1. Shann Ivan Quintana says:

    I commend Atty. Harry Roque, Atty. Romel Bagares and the Complainant for winning the case. This is a victory for all the victims who have experienced the same oppression, abuse and incautious manner being practiced by not only Cebu Pacific agents but all other Airlines. Hopefully, we would be able to get fair Justice to the complaint we filed with CAB for the similar case happened to my sister with PAL. My sister was not allowed to board her scheduled flight for simple reason of “slight inflammation of her eyes”. The check-in counter personnel diagnosed her for having a “sore eyes” and that she should not be allowed to board the flight. Despite some paki-usap, requesting for a medical doctor to see her condition, the PAL personnel denied the humble request by telling her arrogantly that ” it is no longer their responsibility to look for a doctor for her concern. My sister was extremely traumatized with the situation, despite of humiliation, she still able to rush by going to the City Proper to look for a Physician who can certify her condition but unfortunately, it was already too late. ( a certificate was still secured ) The fact of her eyes’ condition was just due to dust irritation and lack of sleep while on travel to the airport and the redness of her eyes has completely gone out after an hour and later she was openly accommodated by Zest Air to take their 1PM flight for Manila in order to catch up her International Flight going back abroad. She had almost missed the flight because she arrived at the check-in counter few minutes before it closes. Atty. Roque and company please we need your help to this case…

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