Totally uncalled for. While the Chinese may be expansionists, they’re certainly not genociders. The President, because we have initiated arbitration, should no longer comment on the issue. Calling our Chinese neighbors Nazis certainly does not bode well for peaceful resolution of the dispute.


5 comments on “

  1. eClinik says:

    The Jesuits that control this President are the Nazis. He should have known better.

  2. eClinik says:

    It is very dangerous when the leader of this land is totally ignorant about all the “Lies We Believe In”.

  3. aaron legaspi says:

    Sir Harry there can be no peaceful solution for as long as one of the party is well armed and a bully. Or to put it the other way- where one of the party is forever a self destructing weakling. Diyos ko itong bayan ko 100 million na ang population eh weakling pa din. Samantalang ang Israel at Ireland eh 6 million lang population eh ang lalakas ng Army.

  4. I agree. The president doesn’t seem to know that he has officials who should be doing all the talking for him. Often, what he says is not backed up by “complete staff work” but by negative emotions. He clearly lacks maturity.

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