4 comments on “Why pork barrel is unconstitutional

  1. thank you for a concise but comprehensive article Atty! I just downloaded the SC decision on PDAF and there are many constitutional provisions that were discussed but it was about 70 pages.

  2. renato javier says:

    atty. roque, i’ve got something to tell you.
    where can i meet you?

  3. jgsunay says:

    Yes kudos to all the Justices of our Supreme Court for this courageous stand for good governance and public accountability. The public will be more grateful and happy if the SC will sustain their exemplary deeds by showing further judicial reforms especially on handling judicial funds. Jdf etc the same issue that confronted former CJ davide and othrr issues on accojntability of funds. The Sc should not exempt itself from the strictness and standard it utilizes in rendering the issue of pdaf

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