No to the US Rotational Accord!

imagesNo to the US Rotational Accord!


One comment on “No to the US Rotational Accord!

  1. the mutual agreement of u.s.m.g. ended 1991 and this is in our constitution article xvlll section 25. it is terminated between u.s. and r.p. now it belongs to sovereinty, mother land under primary government, self government section 13 of ipra 8371.
    dfa agreement was forge by dfa as stated the website and this is already treason. republic is already exrcising a felonous government. This is why plunder and squatting is ramphant like the makati and global city. this land belongs to the sovereignty. peoples property and where did the funds went?
    our nation will not be at peace as long we do not stand our rights as the sovereingty. the peoples power is very important and we can dictate what we want because it is our life is at stake.
    the s.c.171913 judgment entry is out since 2006, and 70014′ now is promulgated since dec. 11, 2009. now letter of transmittal now has been executed under kingdom filipina hacienda. please view: for transparent view.
    i like to help yours and the nations concern. i need help too. . we can impeach the president and all other violators of the constitution and let me know who should be the prime minister and cabinet member to continue the framework and machinery for right governance. I am thinking Doj sec. delima is one of my candidate.
    please let us talk and you send me email at

    to God be the glory

    Hrm salvacion

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