The Center for International Law (Centerlaw), counsel for Palawan Civil Society that questioned the constitutionality of P.D. 910 and E.O. 683 providing for an interim sharing agreement between the national government and Palawan provincial government granting Palawan only 20% net of the earnings of Malampaya – welcome the Supreme Court’s issuance of a TRO on the further release of Malampaya fund.

Prof. Harry Roque, Chair of Centerlaw and Counsel for Palawan Civil Society said, “Better late than never”.

Roque added, “We filed to declare that the Malampaya Fund cannot be spent as a discretionary fund or pork barrel of the President as early as 2002 when government first earned royalties from the Malampaya fund. It took the court eleven years to restrain the illegal spending and only after Napoles and her cohorts allegedly malversed 900 Million of it.”

A further 23.6 Billion of Malampaya Funds is being audited by COA on suspicion that the sum has also been malversed. The Petition against the spending of the Malampaya fund as pork barrel was filed by Kilusan Love Malampaya (KLM) led by Bishop Pedro Arigo, the late Gerry Ortega, Ceasar Ventura and former DILG Secretary Cesar Sarino.



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