Why surrender to PNoy?

Joint Statement of the Center for International Law (Centerlaw) and Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) on Napoles surrender to PNoy

The Center for International Law and Concerned Citizens Movement express their concern that the President’s decision to allow Napoles to surrender to him, while legal, may have been unwise.

Certainly, Napoles could have surrendered herself to any SPO1 or to the nearest police station. She did not have to surrender to the President himself. The fact that the President allowed her to surrender to him may send a message that administrative allies may be spared from the ongoing investigation of irregularities on the spending of the PDAF.

“People expect Napoles to sing. The fact that she surrendered to the President may be viewed by the people as a signal that she will only implicate those in the opposition,” said Prof. Harry L. Roque, Chair of Centerlaw and co-convenor of Concerned Citizens Movement.

Roque stated that the investigation into the pork barrel should include everyone most especially those in the administration. Roque further added, “The kind of abuses that were committed by Napoles could only have been done by those in the
political majority. Everyone involved should be investigated regardless of their political affiliation.”


8 comments on “Why surrender to PNoy?

  1. Jorge Capule says:

    Atty Harry – just curious, do you “fake interview” yourself while writing the article?

  2. […] Re-posted from Atty. Harry Roque’s blog […]

  3. Rupert Buscato says:

    Hindi naman tama yan ang mga sinasabi ninyo. COA will come out with a report coverimng 2010 to 2012.

  4. robert villaflores says:

    Atty. Harry Roque,

    The dynamic of the surrender by Jane Napoles to the president was inspired by Atty. Capunan’s friendship to Atty,. Lacierda. And in the Philippines, one cannot trust any authority around for your safety. Without the benefits of delicadeza, Malacanang was forced to accomodate the surrender of J. Napoles. The fact is that the President is the highest authority of the land… kung meron pong iba pa, please teach me.

    What if Janet Napoles died of accident or the otherway around, the day after she was rejected to surrender in the hands of Malacanang? Hindi po ba lalong magkakaroon ng agam agam ang publiko dahil baka sabihin ng ibang media, she was sllenced forever so as not to spill the beans further dahil sabit ang alliies ng presidente at lalo na baka isipin na mismong presidente ay sabit na sabit sa kaso.

  5. Pedro Jacobo says:

    This should explain why the scam artist mastermind chose to put Noynoy Aquino on the spot……


    REPORTER : How do you feel about your mom now in custody by the DILG ?
    JEAN : Nothing much, mom knows how to take care of business. She’ll go over it !
    REPORTER : Aren’t you worried that all your wealth be held in abeyance while she’s being investigated ?
    JEAN : Not really … we have more than enough.
    REPORTER : Do you think she’s going to jail ?
    JEAN : Well … I think they need her more than she needs them. They were never enemies of the President and Mar Roxas, they were like a family when PNoy was a Congressman-Senator & Mar a Senator then, there’s no axe to grind against her.
    REPORTER : What are your parting words ?
    JEAN : I love my mother, my country and my countrymen as well. It is not our fault if we are wealthy or is it neither our fault if we have lots and lots of friends, including the Senators, Congressmen, Cabinet Members and even the President himself. All I can say to those who want to pin down and insult my mom to be very careful and go easy on her and never to underestimate her, because she is a very talented person that can be an angry tiger if pushed to the wall ! Thank you !

  6. Norberto Reyes says:

    Well, the question to me isn’t why Napoles surrendered to PNoy. The question is why the President decided he would put aside the affairs of the nation and personally escort her to Crame, like a common gofer or escort. Very un-presidential conduct, isn’t it? He should have just entrusted her to some high-level cabinet member of executive officer and gone about the nation’s business.

  7. Crispin Pasadilla says:

    From Kristine (comment from rappler.com) 1) May masama ba kung sumuko si napoles sa pangulo?
    2) Mabibigat na personalidad sa pamahalaan ang involed sa kasong ito kataka-taka bang sa mas mataas na pinuno siya magtiwala?
    3) Dahil nagtiwala si napoles sa pangulo masama bang tiyakin ng pangulo na ang kanyang pagtitiwala ay hindi masira?
    4) Masama bang buhay at ligtas si napoles para malaman nating lahat kung sino-sino at anu-anong paraan ang kanilang ginagamit para ma-pagsamantalahan ang kaban ng bayan?
    5) Hindi kaya sa ganitong paraan ay mas mapagtitibay ang mga pamantayan at paraan para mapangalagaan ang pera ng bayan?
    6) Patawad po, pero hindi kaya yung nag-mamasama sa pangyayaring ito ay kasama sa nakikihati sa mga perang napariwara sa kamay ng grupo ni napoles at ng kanyang mga kasabwat?

    Nagtatanong lang po, kasi po may kasabihan tayong “Kung ano ang hinala siyang gawa” ……….. Pag-palain nawa ng DIYOS ang ating bansa!

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