Citizens against an imperious Comelec | BusinessWorld Online

Citizens against an imperious Comelec | BusinessWorld Online.


2 comments on “Citizens against an imperious Comelec | BusinessWorld Online

  1. cla1693 says:

    I agree that COMELEC has overstepped itself with regard to cash bank withdrawals but the idea is sound – reduce opportunities for vote buying. This however prejudices small companies that need more than P100,000 to pay employees for this weekend only.

    This is one COMELEC much improved from previous ones. I dream of one that can masterfully limit abuse, vote buying, qualifications standards, etc. Maybe a Constitutional amendment is in order.

    Maybe we should criticize but not discourage Chairman Sixto Brillantes. Most of us believe t.hat COMELEC must call the shots (within its bounds, which need improvement).

    Chuck Agustin

  2. says:

    Points well taken, Sir Chuck.

    But if this were Cadet Brillantes instead of Chairman, taking a seatwork, he gets full credit for the “Given” – Vote-Buying.

    He gets 0.0 for his “Solution.”

    Draw cards. Better yet, try to see what’s trending in Bugo-Bugo for this idiotic BAN: from BAN-at to BANo to Isang BANnedsa, Isang Diwa.

    Incidentally, our intelligence is that the bulk of withdrawals have already been done, a long time ago.

    The Prosecution rests your Honor.

    All the Best and God Bless,

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    🙂 :-)) ☺

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