Forum on Transnational Human Remedies, including for Crimes Against Humanity in Sabah

A forum on Transnational Remedies for Human Rights violations will be sponsored by the Institute of International Legal Studies of the UP Law Center today, 18 March, 1:30-5PM at the 2nd floor conference room of the UP Law Center, Bocobo Hall, UP Law Complex, Diliman Quezon City.

Expected to be discussed by the lawyers of victims are the litigations involving Augusto Pinochet, the Dirty war in Argentina, and the cases filed against Rumsfeld et al for the Abu Graib abuses. The matter of crimes against Humanity being perpetrated by Malaysians against Filipino nationals in Sabah will also be discussed.

Main discussant re Prof. H Harry L. Roque, Director of UP IILS and Mr Wolfgang Kaleck of the European Center for Constitutional Law and Human Rights (ECCHR). A brief background on Mr. Kaleck:

“Wolfgang Kaleck
The General Secretary and co-founder of ECCHR, a lawyer specializing in
criminal law, has established an international reputation as an advocate for
human rights. He made a name for himself when he filed suit against the U.S.
Defense Minister Donald Rumsfeld for war crimes and torture committed at Abu
Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay. After founding the law firm
Hummel.Kaleck.Rechtsanwälte in 1991, he worked as a specialist solicitor in
criminal law. Since 1998 he has been an advocate for the Koalition der
Straflosigkeit, which fights to hold Argentinean military officials
accountable for the murder and disappearance of Germans during the Argentine
The former chairman of the Republican Women Lawyers and Attorneys
Association (RAV) and former Vice President of the European Democratic
Lawyers (EDL) is highly sought after human rights expert. Kaleck is a member
of the Advisory Board at the Centre for European Law and Politics at the
University of Bremen (ZERP) and of the Forum for International Criminal and
Humanitarian Law (FICHL).
A Publication list : see
Publications Wolfgang Kaleck.pdf Publications Wolfgang Kaleck.”

The Lecture is open to the public


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