Letter of love for Christmas 2: To the Magdalos with love

imagesAngie (not her real name) was apprehended together with suspected members of the Magdalo somewhere in Filinvest, Quezon City in July of 2006. It was alleged that they intended to blow up Batasan Pambansa.

She was charged, together with the alleged Magdalos, with the crime of coup d’etat. She somehow eluded detention and lived literally the rest of her life as a fugitive. She later succumbed to an advance stage of cancer.

I knew her well as in fact, she was one of my closest friends. I did not see her though after her apprehension. I only had a glimpse of her during her wake a couple of years back.

Needless to say, she was a comrade in the struggle against President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. She, together with my other comrade, Josie Lichauco, probably would be sad to know that even after GMA, we continue to fight for the same causes that we did: good governance, public accountability, and an end to extralegal killings and other forms of impunity. I am sure too that she and Josie would have turned from their graves, had it not been for their cremation, had they known that the “when we hold on together gang” that surrounded PGMA continue to surround P Noy.

Both she and Josie are at peace knowing that they fought the good fight. Meanwhile, we -their friends, continue with the struggle.

I miss friends like Angie and Josie. Knowing them during their lifetimes continues to be a gift that I will cherish.

In this second letter of love for Christmas, let us cherish the words of love of a patriot for her adoptive warrior sons. I am sure she was not alone in caring for the Magdalos. Sadly, many of those whom she

took under her wings probably do not even know that she has passed on.

But her love for them, through this letter, will live on. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

7 July 2006

To my family:

Please make sure that June and Peter (her grandchildren, not their real names) is able to join their mother(who’s been abroad). At 10 and 12, I hope we have all been able to instill in them precious

Filipino values while they were “on loan” with me.

I do not know what will happen to me but I am writing to you to help me explain to my daughter what happened today. I am proud to know Jack Rabonza, Sonny Sarmiento, Rajah, Pat, Zoë, Gay, and Bumidang. I saw in them the hope of the Filipino nation. I wish for everyone to know that their parents, wives and children should be proud of these men. In my short stay with them, they were voracious readers, eager to learn and have great love for their country. They are soldiers of integrity and highly patriotic. They are the only hope of our nation.

All they desired is to save this country from the corruption and graft that pervades our system.

They have repeatedly told me that they are prepared to die for this country; that they are mentally and physically prepared to undergo any hardship to awaken the Filipino people into action. The only way to do this is to rid this country of its lying, stealing and cheating President and her cohorts.

I love them like my own sons. Please do what you can to help them as well.

You know that my heart is bad and my diabetes is not controllable. I can go anytime. It’s ok. If you can, please visit the wives, children, and parents of my adopted children and convey to them how proud I am

of them. Thank them for lending their sons to me.




One comment on “Letter of love for Christmas 2: To the Magdalos with love

  1. aaron a. legaspi says:

    Condolence to the family of Angie. I have been a fan of your articles for the past 10 years and I generally agree with you advocacies especially during the nightmarish reign of the little girl. I do hope that Angie’s magdalo boys are still in their patriotic mode even if no substantial positive result has happened yet after the second conjugal rapacity (first is Ferdie and Imelda) has ended? And lastly I hope that not only your advocacy remains Harry but most important is your health.

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