As we commemorate TODAY the third year anniversary of the ghastly Ampatuan massacre, let me reiterate my proposals to hasten the prosecution of the so-called trial of the century:

1.    For Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas- Resolve with dispatch our pending administrative cases against 62 policemen who were also charged criminally for the massacre. We hope Secretary Roxas will fire all 62 of them from the service.

2.    For Justice Secretary Leila De Lima- After all 62 policemen have been dismissed from the service, evaluate if these policemen should be dropped from the roster of the accused. Like a broken record, I will say it again: Even the Nuremberg Tribunal prosecuted only 14 of the highest-ranking Nazis for the worse case of genocide in this century. This is because prosecuting 196 accused, the number charged for the Ampatuan massacre, is a sure formula for impunity.  This will mean that the prosecution will never end.

3.    For Judge Jocelyn Solis-Reyes (covered by a pending motion)- To approve our proposed “First in –First Out” proposal where the introduction of both prosecution and defense evidence against some of the accused, i.e. Unsay Ampatuan, should be allowed.

4. For the Supreme Court, to designate a second Special Court to try the 300 or so motions filed by the parties so that Judge Solis-Reyes can proceed with just reception of evidence.

4.    For the nation — Damn our country’s pillars of the criminal justice system for failing to accord justice to the victims of the massacre even after three years, and vow that this will never happen again.



  1. aaron a. legaspi says:

    Atty. Roque, you know very well that the solution is in the hands of the current SC as they are the alpha and omega of the Rules of Court governing the cases of the Ampatuans, GMA, Abalos, Ruby Barrameda, Morong 43, Manoling all of which involved powerful persons as accused who are using to the max delaying tactics allowed by the rules daw. The SC like a fairy with a magic wand can change the rules for these kind of powerful and wealthy suspects- in short- it can be shortened without sacrificing elementary I repeat elementary or basic due processes not the technical ones. Anyway if the Defense complain it is the SC (who shortened it) who will decide. As a layman I am wondering why the very important common sense is not part of the Rules of Court and amazingly it would seem that all Lawyers and judges too.

  2. aaron a. legaspi says:

    May I add also that the so called Judicial Notice which is a natural repository of common sense as it involves daily happennings in ones surroundings is not being applied by judges/justices.

  3. rzaldyserna says:

    Reblogged this on no sense at all and commented:
    and justice for all..

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