TRO signals that enforcement of Cyberprevention law will cause injustice and irreparable injury

The Center for International Law and the Media Defense SouthEast Asia, counsels for journalists/petitioners  in Alexander Adonis et al vs. Executive Secretary- hail today’s temporary restraining order issued by the Supreme Court  as a big victory for freedom of expression. While not yet a declaration that the law is unconstitutional, the TRO nonetheless is judgement by the Court that the enforcement of the law is a matter of extreme urgency and that the applicant/petitioners will suffer grave injustice and irreparable injury as a result of its  enforcement. It hence validates petitioners argument that prima facie, the law, which limits freedom of expression on the internet, does not enjoy the presumption of constitutionality.

We ask the citizenry to remain vigilant as the challenge today is to make the TRO permanent by convincing the Court to declare it unconstitutional. We hope the DOJ and the authors of the law will take heed and forthwith repeal the law even before the Court issues a final verdict on the merits.

We hail the Court likewise for being steadfast in upholding the supremacy of our Constitution.


3 comments on “TRO signals that enforcement of Cyberprevention law will cause injustice and irreparable injury

  1. anthony h. liobet says:

    Not until they do come to realize the effect of this law on them, they would do otherwise…d…

  2. Alexa says:

    Would love to interview you and/or Alex Adonis about your thoughts on new Philippines cyber crime law for a Newsweek piece. Please contact me at my email:

  3. PeliksPeliks says:

    In our boisterous fervor to condemn this law, may we pause to consider and contemplate on the implications for those who stand to benefit from that law…

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