Maguindanao massacre

The Center for International Law and the Southeast Asia Media Defence Network , counsel for 15 victims of the Maguindanao massacre, stress that the recent dismissal of the rebellion charges against the Ampatuans have no impact on the 57 counts of pending multiple murder charges currently pending in Branch 221 of the Regional Trial Court. These charges of rebellion were tramped up by GMA as a form of a ruse to make people think that she was serious in running after theAmpatuans for the massacre. In truth and in fact ,as borne by our recent filing of a civil case against GMA, she was equallyto blame for the massacre.

We believe that no rebellion took place since rebellion requires the taking up of arms against tthe government . This could not have happened since the Ampatuans were loyal allies of the regime of GMA. It was, in other words, an impossible crime to begin with.
We continue to hope that the new year will result in a faster dispensation of justice for the victims of the massacre


  1. aaron a. legaspi says:

    yes atty. harry it is impossible to commit rebellion in the ampatuan case as they are allies of GMA and besides there never was a taking up arms against the government. The lawyers who filed this complaint should be disbarred for gross ignorance of the law on rebellion which is a popular crime. Every first year law student know the requisites of the crime of rebellion.

  2. ricky a. pollo says:

    Your view on this matter is no less correct to begin with. It was seen on national television when Agnes Devanadera was postulating before the Congress the justification of the declaration of martial law. Certainly, the elements of such a declaration of martial law are wanting that everybody understands the ploy and drama of the little girl. But why the Supreme Court ruled on the validity of the martial law when non of the requirements are present. This again is a basis to impeach if not disbar the justices of Gloria. There must be an internal mechanism or one run by public interest lawyers who should determine the illegal ploys of the justices. A mechanism so to speak, a review board independent from the judiciary, but has the courage to file charges against the justices ruining the lives of the people. Corona is as guilty as G MA, in terms of betraying and stealing not only the people’s money but their future as well. Come to think of it, after impeachment, criminal charges should be filed against corona ET. Al. Its a good thing we have you blog to vent our ire and frustrations on. May be you deserve a space in our leading newspapers or broadsheets, instead of those wannabes pretending to be journalist. What a waste of reading space.

  3. Annie says:

    Am relieved to know that it has no bearing on d murder charges! As non-lawyer, dismayed & afraid that it’s d beginning of absolving them as others r foretelling or afraid of-eventual whitewash of the cases against them!

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