CCM’s Response to Lacierda and Leah Navarro

The Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM)  condemns in the  strongest possible terms the brazen meddling of Secretaries Edwin Lacierda and Jessie Robredo in the conduct of the Ampatuan massacre trial.

Lacierda and Robredo have not only usurped the powers of the Secretary of  Justice, they even had  the temerity to  contradict the DOJ Secretary on  a pending case that is  within the sole executive jurisdiction of the  DOJ.

The  DOJ Secretary and the  public and private prosecutors have been toiling everyday in the  Ampatuan cases for   almost  two years  now. They are the ones who  attend the trial,  listen to the witnesses, and view and assess all the pieces of evidence.  It is  them who can best assess whether  there is  worth, scheme, or guile  in the offer of Zaldy Ampatuan to turn state witness, and not  Lacierda and  Robredo.

It  was  the height of irresponsibility, a    very serious disservice to the President, and a shameless affront to the families of the  58 massacre victims  when  Lacierda  and Robredo brushed aside the DOJ Secretary and the prosecutors  and  facilitated  Zaldy Ampatuan to have access to the  President.

The  families of  the  58 victims  live in constant fear  for their lives in Mindanao even with Zaldy, Andal Sr., and Andal Jr.   in  jail. They know that the terror  network of the Ampatuans  remain intact.   Atty. Harry Roque has, at numerous times,   narrated  how his clients constantly  cower  in fear  because   strangers case  their  houses  asking  questions about them in their neighborhoods.

And here comes  Lacierda  and Robredo  advocating that the President  consider letting  Zaldy Ampatuan lose. Do Lacierda and Robredo even   think  about the security of the  families of the 58 victims in their  meddling move  to even consider  letting Zaldy Ampatuan  go free?  If the  families of the 58 victims  cower in fear now  when  Zaldy is in jail, how much more if  Zaldy is allowed  to  go free?

What  message  are Lacierda and Robredo sending to the  58  victim-families?  That the lives and security of the 50 victim-families are  expendable and tradeable?

And what about the witnesses who have testified or are  set to testify on the participation of  Zaldy Ampatuan in the massacre?  What  message   have Lacierda and Robredo   sent   to these crucial witnesses now?   Lacierda and Robredo have  virtually  put fear in the hearts of these  very crucial witnesses   because  this Zaldy Ampatuan whom they are  going to implicate  in the  crime of the century has the ears of the President, has  allies within the  President’s circles,   and that he  can go scot free because he has  tradeable information to barter for his  freedom.  These  witnesses  will now think  ten times whether to continue to testify against Zaldy,  or withdraw altogether as witnesses  or censor Zaldy out of their testimonies  for fear of  retribution if Zaldy is allowed to go scot free.

We  also strongly deplore the misinformation and  character  assassination  made  by Leah Navarro and  the Black and White Movement on one of or own,  Atty. Harry Roque.

Leah Navarro  criticizes Atty. Roque  for  supposedly “having a belligerent  attitude to the DOJ”  but omitting to mention that  such comment was  made  when Gloria Arroyo was still in power and  the  DOJ head was Secretary Agra  who   was the  first to make an attempt to  clear  Zaldy Ampatuan  of  criminal  liability. To have a  belligerent attitude  towards the GMA controlled  DOJ  at that time was a  courageous act and constitutes a badge of honor.

It is Leah  Navarro  and the Black and White Movement who must account for their gross  irresponsibility.  Having  taken over the reigns of power now, with all the  machinery and resources  to uncover  all the crimes committed  by the previous   administration at their disposal, all they  can come up with is a  plan to  trade the lives and  safety of the 58 families in exchange  for the crocodile tears of an Ampatuan.

It is  Leah Navarro and the Black and White Movement who have a belligerent attitude towards the families of the 58 victims. It is they  who are “in synch”  with Zaldy Ampatuan.  It is they who must account for their act of betrayal.











4 comments on “CCM’s Response to Lacierda and Leah Navarro

  1. simonsbd says:

    The case of the Maguindanao Massacre is a HUGE test for the Philippine Govt and the Philippine Judiciary and the Philipino people – the chances of them passing this test is getting less likely with each passing moment in history. Why it is not blatantly clear for every decent citizen to step up to the plate on this issue is almost beyond me. Why is it not completely surprising , is it because of religious affiliations and the corruption so inbred therefrom , is it because no one cares , is it because no one can read , is it because of the inculcation from a pathetic TV and movie industry that breads a society that thinks that life’s rewards only go to the ill-mannered the selfish the corrupt and the crooked . Why no one else in the PHIL can see this except for Harry Roque and his supporters. Surely all good men must be crying themselves to sleep over this matter.

    • Renato Pacifico says:

      The huge test of the government is to make the Ampatuan case an example of “daan matuwid at malinis” but from the looks of it it is not happening. It gives an example that witness accounts without corroborating evidences of forensics still counts supreme. That is what happened on NBN-ZTE, Joey de Venecia scurried to the newspapers without shred of evidence but just plain ‘ol story and they bite it so do the people. Because they have not heard of forensics to tie to the witness accounts. That is why the Chinese government sent in their forensic experts to the Chinese bus massacre. And the people gathered around asking what the chinese are doing putting threads to the hole because that was the first time the Filipinos understood what forensics can do.

  2. aaron a. legaspi says:

    I suggest Harry that you don’t pay much attention to the BW movement as their main concerned then is to oust GMA while in power (that’s a good and patriotic concern then) and sadly we all fail to remove her. Leah is just really going bonkers to put GMA to jail (which is also good) but then excuse her for that lapse in criticizing you. It is Lacierda and Robredo who has a heavy influence on Pnoy.

  3. Ed Fajardo says:

    Can you not settle this matter among yourselves without trumpeting to the outside world?

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