The Concerned Citizens Movement accepted the offer of Cesar Flores of Smartmatic to turn over his passport as proof that they will not escape from the country. “We are calling in your bluff. Give us all your passports and we will turn them over to Archbishop Oscar Cruz for safekeeping”, declared UP Law Prof. Harry Roque, Co-convenor of the CCM.

CCM yesterday filed anew a Petition with the Supreme Court to restraint the holding of what it describes as the country’s “first automated failure of elections”. It also asked the high court to order return to manual voting, counting and canvassing of votes for the May 10 election.

Betina Legarda, another CCM Co-Convenor said that the Church maybe relied upon by Smartmatic to return their passports should the Smartmatic PCOS machines actually work” “The Venezuelans behind Smartmatic, like us Filipinos, are predominantly Catholics. Surely, they can trust Archbishop Cruz to return their passports should there be no reason later to ensure their stay in the country”.

CCM asked all foreigners behind Smartmatic to deliver their passports to Archbishop Oscar V. Cruz at CBCP, 470 Gen. Luna St., Intramuros, Manila They also offered to pick them up should they desire


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